Attention Motorcycle Clubs. Uptown Grafx is your one-stop shop for Custom Embroidery for your club colors. Hats, vests, polo shirts, bags, whatever you need your logo on we can do it for you. Here is a brief explanation on how this service works...

After we create your logo the next step we would have your logo digitized and then we sew your logo on your vests. We prefer to sew the logo on patches first then sew that patch onto the vest.

Digitizing: A talented digitizer has to take your logo file and make a file that will tell the needle what to sew and how to sew it. You will find that you can get this service anywhere from free on up to several hundred dollars. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for (or don't pay for). I use a talented digitizer here in Georgia. I cannot sew out any other files done by any other digitizer because we usually end up with issues like needle breaks, bad sewouts, etc. His fee can seem steep to some but his finished product is second to none. Depending on your stitch count (number of stitches in your design), some of the files we get back from him have ranged from $250 to $700.

So with that said, the more detail, the higher the stitch count, or the amount of times the needle hits the fabric.


Once the digitized file is done we can quote you the cost for each individual vest patch. You can mail us vests or we can just do the sewouts and send them to you to get sewn on locally. Many clubs prefer to have the patches versus sewing directly on the vest. Its a cleaner look plus if a member leaves, you can just remove his or her patch.

Our price for sewing is around .65 cents per 1,000 stitches. So for a patch with 100,000 stitches figure on paying around $65 per patch.

Right now we don't offer the 'rocker' style. Our sew-outs are around 11" and is one complete piece. We can still design your logo, you will just have to get it sewn locally. We will update the site when that style becomes available.

One last note. If your logo doesn't look as good as the two sew-outs on this page, then you went to the wrong place. Email us for an estimate for your motorcycle club or any other organization.